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School hours for STUDENTS is Monday 8:30 am to 12:30 pm and Tuesday through Friday 8:30am-4:30pm.

Holidays / No Classes

The school closes Good Friday; Memorial Day; Fourth of July; up to 5 days for Instructor Training; Labor Day; the day before, day of and day after Thanksgiving, and two weeks including Christmas and New Year's. During severe weather, we will close when San Marcos Consolidated Independent School District closes.

Code of Professional Ethics

Students are expected to be on time; bring complete kit, smock and textbooks to school each day; maintain a professional appearance and good personal hygiene; behave in a professional manner, and treat students, clients and staff with respect and courtesy at all times. Do not use profanity, inappropriate language or vulgar gestures; do not gossip.

Dress Code

Your appearance should be clean and professional including full uniform
  • black slacks and school issued t-shirt must be worn at all times (no pajamas)
  • shoes can be any color but must enclose the entire foot (no slippers - must have hard rubberized sole)
  • smock with name tag visible at all times
  • any jewelry should be in good taste and not promote obscenity, lewd behavior, or vulgarity.


Students must maintain a minimum cumulative grade average of 75% to be making satisfactory academic progress. Students will be evaluated on theory, clinic and practical work. The grading scale is A: 90%-100%, B: 80%-89%; C: 75%-79%, Failing: 0%-74%.

Satisfactory Progress

Satisfactory attendance and academic progress is a requirement for all students. Students must maintain a minimum cumulative attendance of 67% of their published schedule to be making satisfactory attendance progress. The academic program is measured in actual clock hours. Daily attendance including tardies, early time-outs and absences will be evaluated. Students must maintain a minimum cumulative grade average of 75% to be making satisfactory academic progress. Students must complete the educational program in no more than 150% of the published length of the program.


Students are eligible for graduation after completing all written, practical and clinic work with a minimum cumulative grade of 75%, completing 2 comprehensive written finals with a minimum grade of 80%, attaining at least a 75% on the Mock State Board Practical Exam, completing the clock hours and practical operations required by TDLR and making satisfactory arrangements for payment of all debts to the school. After graduation, the student receives a diploma. Students are qualified to practice cosmetology in Texas once they pass the State exam process, pay for a license and receive it.

Levels of Corrective Action

A student may be advised by Total Transformation regarding attendance, academic grades or conduct by any of the following actions:
  • Verbal Warning
  • Probation
  • Suspension
  • Termination from enrollment


A student or the parent/legal guardian of a minor student is entitled to a refund of all tuition paid if a written cancellation of enrollment is received within 3 business days of signing the enrollment contract and before starting class. The refund policy applies to tuition charged in the enrollment contract; fees are not refunded. All kits, books and products purchased by the student become the student's property at time of purchase.
If the student enrolls and begins class, tuition refunds are made as follows:
% of Outstanding Tuition for Withdrawal/Termination that occurs:
90% during the first week or first one-tenth of the course, whichever period is shorter
80% after the first week or first one-tenth of the course, whichever period is shorter, but within the first 3 weeks of the course
75% after the first 3 weeks of the course but not later than completion of the first 25% of the course
50% not later than completion of the first 60% of the course
0% greater than 60 percent of the course


Student files are private. Information in the students file will only be released to the student or the parent/legal guardian of a minor-age student. The student or parent/legal guardian of a minor-age student may request in writing to release the information to another party.

Smoke-free Environment

A smoke-free environment is provided for all students, clients and staff. Students may smoke outdoors beyond the first three rows of cars in the parking lot. Students may not congregate or loiter in front of the school or near any surrounding businesses at any time.
To download a copy of all student policies: School Catalog

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Grad Testimonials

During the past year I have been at Total Transformation Institute, not only has it taught me how to be a better cosmetologist, but it has also taught me how to be a better person in general. This school has taught me how to be my own person.

- Kailee, Class 2019

I have learned numerous different services that I am now able to perform on clients. I loved the step-by-step procedure guides for performing many different massage techniques during the facial. I have become a better leader because I'm in a position where I'm continually learning. I plan to continue to grow as an esthetician with advanced educational classes.

- Julie, Class 2019

Being at Total Transformation Insitute I have had to learn it all! After a time, I realized that I have a passion for excessively curly hair. I'm extremely happy with the decision I made because I learned that I absolutely love doing hair. I could have gone anywhere but their curriculum is amazing and the teachers are very knowledgeable. I am confident in the communication skills I developed to be successful.

- Madison, Class 2020

I've learned so many things at the Total Transformation Institute and doing the things I've learned here has really been life-changing. From all the different types of future stylists, clients, and great teachers have made me really love cosmetology. I have grown, learned, and conquered. I am confident that I can do any tasks that are thrown my way, all because I have the knowledge and skill set that was taught to me. I am prepared for the real world!

- Cierra, Class 2019

My experience at Total Transformation truly changed my life. I not only know how to work with all kinds of hair, but thanks to the Nuts and Bolts business class, I learned how to build a clientele, boost my revenue and build client loyalty. I couldn’t have asked for better instructors or a better learning experience!

- Brittany